Shearing Layers

I was drawn to create this collection for the same reasons I am drawn to the Marin Headlands, fascinated by the area and its multiple layers of use, disuse and reuse. Framing views from within and without, these images are a record of the world of possibilities in this small corner of the globe.

A unique coastal landscape, marked with structures built by unknown engineers to blend into the surroundings, not for aesthetics but for cold function. “Abandoned” is not the right term – these spaces are being repurposed as artists’ canvas, as habitat for life of all kinds, as a quiet private museum for those who make the effort to find it.

Captured at a point in time, these scenes will be different tomorrow and continue to change with each passing day, an evolving architecture. From the expanse of these formidable installations to the smallest details, multiple layers are revealed: the geology and landscape, the structures themselves, the art added over the years and the slow return of it all to its natural state.

Shearing Layers will be on view at Art Works Downtown’s Donors’ Gallery, 1325 4th St., San Rafael CA through July 6, 2019